Dido / Dusted

Free From Harm (Dusted) - Cheeky 2005

Tracks: 2. Time Takes Time / 3. Hurt U / 8. Winter + 9 track without Dido


I bought this CD, only because I'm a big fan of Dido. I think she has a wonderful voice and writes great songs. I was well aware that this album as a whole would not be like Dido's two solo CD's, but I was hoping that a couple of tracks would come close.

Now, having listened to the CD several times, I would say that at least one song comes pretty close to Dido's own songs. The song "Time Takes Time" is a fine track, with Dido singing the first two verses. She can be heard on two more songs, but "Time Takes Time" is the standout. It also may take time to really get into the music; at least it did for me.

The CD is much like soundtrack, with long instrumental passages. It is meant as a companion to a children's book of the same title, written by Dido's brother Rollo. Actually, I like the book better than the CD, but there are several fine moments on the CD as well.

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