Four Sail - Elektra 1969

Tracks:1. August / 2. Your Friend and Mine - Neil's Song / 3. I'm With You / 4. Good Times / 5. Singing Cowboy / 6. Dream / 7. Robert Montgomery / 8. Nothing / 9. Talking in My Sleep / 10. Always See Your Face / 11. Robert Montgomery [*] / 12. Talking in My Sleep [*] /13. Singing Cowboy [*]


"Four Sail" was Love's fourth album, and their last with Elektra ( For Sale!). The album was following their much acclaimed masterpiece "Forever Changes", but before these new recordings began, the original band had split up. They actually recorded one more single "Your Mind and We Belong Together", which is now included as bonus-tracks on "Forever Changes".

The sound on the new version of Love is not as sophisticated as on the previous two albums, but not unlike the rawer sound of their 1966 debut album. During 1968 Arthur Lee and his new Love recorded numerous new songs of which some were chosen to fulfill their contract with Elektra, which would be the album "Four Sail". Most ot the other recordings from these sessions ended up on their debut album for "Blue Thumb Records" - the double album "Out Here".

Though the material on this album is not as consistent as on "Forever Changes" there are quite a few Love gems here. With the melodic beauty of "Your Friend and Mine", "I'm With You" and "Always See Your Face" that's where the album comes closest to the sound of "Forever Changes"

Some listeners may find that the lenghty and sometimes wild guitar solos spoil some of the tracks; especially on songs like "August", "Singing Cowboy" and "Nothing".

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