Roxy Music

For Your Pleasure - Island 1973

Tracks: 1. Do The Strand / 2. Beauty Queen / 3. Strictly Confidential / 4. Editions Of You / 5. In Every Dream Home A Heartache / 6. The Bogus Man / 7. Grey Lagoons / 8 For Your Pleasure


Roxy Music's second album "For Your Pleasure" has by many been appointed to the group's best and most important. And, yes, there are several fine songs to be found on the album. "Do the Strand" is real early Roxy Music style - very ala "Virginia Plain" - a great piano-driven rocker.

"Beauty Queen" is a fine melodic ballad - perhaps the album's most enduring song."Grey Lagoons" also belongs a

The title track could have been the highlight of the album, but the great melody and the fine guitar theme gradually disappears into oblivion as the track evolves into an instrumental marathon where the original melody g radually is abandoned - too bad."Editions of You" is an accomplished rocker.The rest of the tracks are for my taste either too sketchy or prolonged or downright boring.

Not a bad album, but in my opinion far from their best. The three subsequent albums "Stranded," "Country Life" and "Siren" are along with "Avalon" far more well-rounded albums. Personally I have always thought that "Siren" is somewhat underestimated.

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