Divine Comedy

Foreverland - Divine Comedy Records 2016

Tracks: 1. Napoleon Complex / 2. Foreverland / 3. Catherine the Great / 4. Funny Peculiar / 5. The Pact / 6. To the Rescue / 7. How Can You Leave Me on My Own / 8. I Joined the Foreign Legion (To Forget) / 9. My Happy Place / 10. A Desperate Man / 11. Other People / 12. The One Who Loves You


"Forever Land" contains much of what we know Neil Hannon for when hes at his best. Musically, the album ranges far from complex compositions in grandiose arrangements for simpler songs in unpretentious and humorous wrapping.

The album opens with the great song "Napoleon Complex", which while being a complex composition is also very melodic and catchy. In the same category we find the even more catchy "Catherine the Great", which was also the logical choice for the first single.

Another big favorite is "The Rescue" which brings back memories to past great ballads such as "The Certainty of Chance". Other great songs include "Foreverland," "My Happe Place" and "The One Who Loves You". On the lighter genre we find "Funny Peculiar," "The Pact" and "How Can You Leave me on my Own" (the second single).

A new fine Divine Comedy album, which perhaps is a little too uneven to match the very best albums from the group (Hannon).

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