For Certain Because - Parlophone 1966

Tracks: 1. What's Wrong With The Way I Live / 2. Pay You Back With Interest / 3. Tell Me To My Face / 4. Clown / 5. Suspicious Look In Your Eyes / 6. It's You / 7. High Classed / 8. Peculiar Situation / 9. What Went Wrong / 10. Crusader / 11. Don't Even Think About Changing / 12. Stop! Stop! Stop!


"For Certain Because" marked the beginning of probably the most creative period in the career of the Hollies. It was also the album that introduced Tonys Hicks' banjo which is very prominent on the big single hit "Stop Stop Stop".

Their songwriting had been steadily growing since their ealiest effort usually credited as Ransford songs. Outstanding originals written by Clarke/Hicks/Nash dominate the album, which for the first time consists of sheer original material.

The opening track "What's Wrong With the Way I Live" is just great. Different from earlier songs and also featuring the banjo. The song was a minor hit in some European countries. "Clown" is a melodic circus ballad in the same vein as the earlier "Fifi the Flea", sung ( and probably written ) by Graham Nash.

"Pay You Back With Interest" which besides being a great song with the typical Hollies vocal harmonies also features the piano played by bass-player Clavert. Other favourites are "It's You", "Peculiar Situation", "Tell Me to My Face" and "Suspicious Look in Your Eyes".

I'm not so fond of the 3 songs with string-arrangements; though the music-hallish "High Classed" is quite charming. "Don't Ever think about Changing" is nice, but could have been an outtake from an earlier session.

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