Fog on the Tyne - Famous Charisma - 1971

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Meet Me On The Corner / 2. Alright On The Night / 3. Uncle Sam / 4. Together Forever / 5. January Song / 6. Peter Brophy Don't Care / 7. City Song / 8. Passing Ghosts / 9. Train In G Major / 10. Fog On The Tyne / 11. Scotch Mist (*)/ 12. No Time To Lose (*)


"Fog on the Tyne" was Lindisfarne's second album originally released on Charisma records in 1971. It contains their first single-hit "Meet Me on the Corner", and the album itself spent many weeks in the charts. It's popularity even brought their first album "Nicely out of Tune" back into the charts. Interesting that their second hit single "Lady Eleanor" was taken from their great debut-album.

Though "Meet Me on the Corner" was written by Rod Clements, it is still lead singer and guitarist Alan Hull who is the dominating personality with his great songs like "January Song", "Peter Brophy Don't Care", "City Song" and "Passing Ghost".

Compared to their debut, the overall feeling on this album is more acoustic and though many songs are up-beat tempo, there is a very relaxed and pleasant feel to the album. Like their debut "Nicely Out of Tune" , this is one of my all-time favourite albums.

The two bonus-tracks are great additions; especially Alan Hull's fine B-side "No Time to Lose". Great sound on the new remastered CD release.

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