Flash & the Pan

Flash & the Pan - Epic 1978

Tracks: 1. Hey St. Peter / 2. Man in the Middle / 3. Walking in the Rain / 4. The African Shuffle / 5. California / 6. Lady Killer / 7. The Man Who Knew the Answer / 8. Hole in the Middle / 9. Down Among the Dead Men / 10. First and Last / 11. Yesterday's Gone [*] / 12. Waiting for a Train [*] / 13. Something About You [*] / 14. Hey Jimmy [*] / 15. Money Don't Lie [*]


I've said it many times in different contexts: Flash And The Pan is one of the most underrated and overlooked bands ever.

This, their debut album, is perhaps the album that clearly confirms my postulate. The album is innovative, does not sound like something you've heard before, it is characterized by fine catchy tunes and intelligent lyrics that gives the listener food for thought.

The album includes the group's (duo) debut single, "Hey, St. Peter," which should have been a much bigger hit than it was for. A top 5 position in Australia and a top 100 in the U.S.. The fine sequel "Down Among the Dead Men", which also is from this album, performed at roughly the same level, and reached a place at number 54 in Great Britain.

As mentioned, the album marked by very fine songs written by the duo of George Young and Harry Vanda, who together had a history of the Easybeats. No numbers fall through and the album can only be recommended at the highest level.

Besides the two hits I'll highlight "Walking in the Rain," "California" and "First and Last".

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