Jimi Hendrix

First Rays of The New Rising Sun - 1997 ( 68-70 )

Tracks: 1. Freedom / 2. Izabella / 3. Night Bird Flying / 4. Angel / 5. Room Full Of Mirrors / 6. Dolly Dagger / 7. Ezy Ryder / 8. Drifting / 9. Beginnings / 10. Stepping Stone / 11. My Friend / 12. Straight Ahead / 13. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) / 14. Earth Blues / 15. Astro Man / 16. In From The Storm / 17. Belly Button Window


"First Ray of the New Rising Sun" is a compilation of some the strongest material released on the 3 posthumous albums "The Cry of Love", "Rainbow Bridge" and "War Heroes". The recordings date from 1968-70, and were intended for a new double album Hendrix was working on at the time of his sad and tragic death in Sept. 1970.

Though Hendrix probably would have given most of these new recordings a final touch before letting them go for release, they are in no way in unfinished or demo form. On the contrary they sound completely finished and ready for release, and match with the best material on his first three studio albums.

Great drummer Mitch Mitchell and and bass-player Billy Cox are backing Jimi on most tracks, but other people like Buddy Miles, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood, Stephen Stills, Juma Sultan and The Ghetto Fighter make appearances.

Though Hendrix's music generally was going in a new direction compared to "Electric Ladyland" (slightly more funky/jazzy), there are still many songs that would have fit into the old Experience concept. Among this type of songs "Angel", "My Friend", "Hey Baby" and "Drifting" stand out.

The "new" Hendrix sound is displayed best by strong recordings like "Freedom", "Ezy Rider", "Night Bird Flying" ( A little Steve Miller in that one!) and "Dolly Dagger".

Conclusion: This is a fine final chapter to the recording history of a uniquely talented and influential guitarist. Containing the complete tracks of "The Cry of Love" and some of the best material from "Rainbow Bridge" and "War Heroes", this CD easily compares with Hendrix' original studio albums.

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