Linda & Richard Thompson

First Light - Hannibal 1978

Tracks: 1. Restless Highway / 2. Sweet Surrender / 3. Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart / 4. The Choice Wife / 5. Dief For Love / 6. Strange Affair / 7. Layla / 8. Pavanne / 9. House Of Cards / 10. First Light


This album has often been criticized for sounding thin and trebly and the songs being overproduced. I can agree to a certain extent to the first statement, but I like the variety in arrangements and the instrumentation of the songs.

The album may appear the most mainstream and least folk-inspired of their 6 albums, but generally Richard Thompson's songwriting is on par with his best albums such as "Henry the Human Fly", "Bright Lights Tonight" and "Pour Down Like Silver". Moreover it may be the album where Linda is given most of the spotlight.

Standout songs are the dark ballad "Strange Affair", the sad "Pavanne" and the closing title track. I also find the catchy opener "Restless Highway", sung by Richard, one of his most appealing pop/rock songs.

A shame that this album has been discontinued for so long. Rumour has it that the mastertapes are lost; hopefully this is not true. A remixed/remastered reissue of this hard to find album is really what should be hoped for.

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