First Band On The Moon - Stockholm Records, 1996

Tracks: 1. Your New Cuckoo / 2. Been It / 3. Heartbreaker / 4. Happy Meal II / 5. Never Recover / 6. Step On Me / 7. Lovefool / 8. Losers / 9. Iron Man / 10. Great Divide / 11. Choke


Though “First Band on the Moon” is more straight pop-rock music than their previous “Life”, it is still quite different from the music Cardigans are making today. Though this is obviously radio-friendly pop-music, it never becomes too predictable, and musically there are many surprises underways. Several of these songs were released as singles, but without comparison “Lovefool” their biggest commercial success. Their sound may at times appear a little flat/cold, and personally I prefer their fuller sound of “Long Gone Before Daylight”. But of course there are some great songs here; and Nina Persson's unique voice gets better with every new record.

The catchy “Been It” really stand out with its rocking hooks. Also “Happy Meal II”, “Step on Me” and “Great Divide” are favourites.

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