Sheryl Crow

Feels Like Home- Warner Bros. 2013

Tracks: 1. Shotgun / 2. Easy / 3. Give It To Me / 4. We Oughta Be Drinkin' / 5. Callin' Me When I'm Lonely / 6. Waterproof Mascara / 7. Crazy Ain't Original / 8. Nobody's Business / 9. Homesick / 10. Homecoming Queen / 11. Best Of Times / 12. Stay At Home Mother


There has always to some extent been a grain of country in Sheryl Crow's albums. Therefore, it is no big surprise that she now chooses to promote her latest album as a country album .

If some for this reason in advance choose to deselect "Feels Like Home", I would suggest that they give the album a chance after all. There is reallyn no radical style change , and a large proportion of the numbers would have fitted nicely in on some of her previous albums. Some songs are actually more rock than country. Putting all talk about genre aside , this is in fact a very solid album from Crow, to my ears her best since "C'mon C'mon" from 2002.

Except for two songs, which were borrowed from other writers, Crow has chosen to write her new songs in collaboration with various other songwriters, including her old partner Jeff Trott . Songwriter and music publisher Chris DuBois contributes on five songs and he is the most prolific contributor, and among these especially "Easy" stands out as one of the album's absolute highlights.

I will also highlight the delicate "Homecoming Queen", one of the two songs that Crow did not take part in writing. Also the quiet " Homesick " is hitting the overall atmosphere of the album; the border area between country and southern rock. "Stay at Home Mother" is fine thoughtful ballad that unlike some of the other more emotional songs, does not slip into getting a little too sentimental.

You can't help feeling that Crow on this album really feels at home with her music .

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