Carole King

Fantasy - A&M - 1973

Tracks: Fantasy Beginning / 2. You've Been Around Too Long / 3. Being at War With Each Other / 4. Directions / 5. That's How Things Go Down / 6. Weekdays / 7. Haywood / 8. A Quiet Place to Live / 9. Welfare Symphony / 10. You Light Up My Life / 11. Corazón / 12. Believe in Humanity / 13. Fantasy End


Fantasy is a fine album tastefully tied together, but probably not one of the best-known Carole King albums.It does not contain any of her greatest ”hits”; although "Corazone" did achieve some success at the time. The album's tracks are tastefully tied together; most songs relatively subdued, like earlier songs such as "You've Got a Friend" and James Taylor's "Fire and Rain". Others are more rhythmic and more jazzy / funky; this goes for aforementioned "Corazon" and tracks like "Believe in Humanity", "Heywood" and "Directions".

My personal favorites are the soulful gospel-like ballad "That's How Things Go Down" and the delicate short song "A Quiet Place to Live"

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