The Flamin' Groovies

Fantastic Plastic - Sonic Kicks 2017

Tracks: 1. What the Hell's Goin' On / 2. End of the World / 3. Don't Talk to Strangers / 4. Let Me Rock / 5. She Loves You / 6. I Want You Bad / 7. Crazy Macy / 8. Lonely Hearts / 9. Just Like a Hurricane / 10. Fallen Star / 11. I'd Rather Spend My Time with You / 12. Cryin' Shame


This is the first new studio album from The Flamin' Groovies since 1993's ”Rock Juice”. The album features most the classic 1970’s line-up of guitarists / vocalists Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson with bassist George Alexander, who recorded three fine albums on Sire Records: (”Shake Some Action”, ”Flamin 'Groovies Now”, and ”Jumpin' in the Night”) before splitting up in 1981.

The group sticks with classic rock, with strong inspiration from The Rolling Stones, The Byrds and (on this album, to a lesser extent) The Beatles. Jordan and Wilson have together written ten new songs, which could very well have been created in the golden 1970s period. The music is tight and energetic as you will remember it, while the vocals at times may sound a bit worn.

The album opens with the great "What the Hell's Goin On" - Rolling Stones sound; maybe even AC/DC-sound. Among the other new originals, the melodic Byrds inspired ”End of the World”, "She Loves Me", "Lonely Hearts", "Fallen Star" and "Cryin 'Shame" also come out strongly. The rocker "Let Me Rock" reminds me of Roger Daltrey and The Who.

Two well-chosen covers also contribute to the overall strong impression; ”Don’t Talk to Strangers” (The Beau Brummels) and "I Want You Bad" (perhaps known with The Long Ryders).

Overall a solid comeback by The Groovies

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