Amazing Blondel

Fantasia Lindum - Island 1971

Tracks: 1. Prelude and Theme / 2. Swifts, Swains, Leafy Lanes/ 3. Jig Upon Jig / 4. Theme / 5. God Must Doubt / 6. Lincolnshire Lullaby / 7. Basse Dance / 8. Theme / 9. Celestrial Light / 10. Theme / 11. To Ye / 12. Safety in God Alone / 13. Two Dances / 14. Bransle for My Lady's Delight / 15. Three Seasons / 16. Siege of Yaddlethorpe


Amazing Blondel's second album "Fantasia Lindum" shows that the group had great ambition to develop and refine their musical expression.

Side one of the album is a long suite of songs linked together by short instrumental interludes. Side two consists of songs in the same tradition as on "Evensong".

From the suite songs "Swifts and Swains" and "Licolnshire Lullaby" stand out; a shame that it has not been made possible on the recent CD release to separate the suite numbers. On side two "To Ye" and "Safety in God Alone" are favorites, but as it goes with "Evensong" the songwriting is on a very high level. Again, Gladwin is the chief songwriter with guitarist Edward Baird and multi instrumentalist Terry Wincott, each standing behind an instrumental track.

The group released two more albums for Island Records. The third, "England" was a natural extension of "Fantasia Lindum ', with slightly longer tracks and with more focus on the instrumental side. The group's fourth album "Blondel" was recorded without John Gladwin, and although the album has strong roots in the folk music, there are also clear influences from rock music, a development which should be much clearer on the group's later albums.

In recent years the group has reformed, with Gladwin back in the fold, and they are now playing very much in the same style as on their early Island albums.

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