The Cure

Faith - Fiction 1981

Tracks: 1. The Holy Hour / 2. Primary / 3. Other Voices / 4. All Cats Are Grey / 5. The Funeral Party / 6. Doubt / 7. The Drowning Man / 8. Faith / 9. Carnage Visors*


The Cure's third album "Faith" from 1981 is, like the previous two albums made up of songs with simple, often riff-based song structures. It is not an album of obvious hits or catchy tunes, but an evocative album with an overall consistency that some might find a bit dull, while others will probably find it alluring.

Personally, I miss songs that significantly stand out from the rest, like "M", "A Forest", "Boys Do not Cry" or the later "Friday I'm in Love". Still a nice and solid album. My favourite track is ”Other Voices”

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