Tomorrow - Keith West

. Excerpts From...Group & Sessions 1965-1974 ( comp. ) - RPM - 1995

Tracks: 1. Time Is on My Side / 2. Don't Lie to Me / 3. That's How Strong My Love Is / 4. Things She Says / 5. You're on Your Own / 6. I Don't Mind / 7. Am I Glad to See You / 8. Blow Up / 9. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs / 10. Revolution / 11. Excerpt from "A Teenage Opera" / 12. Sam / 13. Shy Boy / 14. Colonel Brown / 15. On a Saturday / 16. Kid Was a Killer / 17. Visit / 18. She / 19. Little Understanding / 20. Power and the Glory / 21. West Country / 22. Riding for a Fall / 23. Having Someone


This 23 track Keith West compilation covers his recording career from 1965 to 1974, through early bands like "Four + 1" and "The In Crowd" , his short period of stardom as singer with Tomorrow and his world wide solo hit "Grocer Jack" from the never finished teenage opera and some solo recordings after the break-up of Tomorrow. Keith West ( Hopkins) had a great voice, perfect for the trends of the sixties. He wrote some very good tunes for himself as well as various groups from this period.

Of the early recordings I especially like "You`re On Your Own" with "The In Crowd", but in my opinion his best recordings are those with Tomorrow. On this CD you`ll find 2 previously unreleased recordings for the film "Blow Up" which also featured the Yardbirds. There are 2 great BBC live recordings from 1967; as well as 2 album tracks from the 1968 Tomorrow album. His later recordings lacks the energy and excitement of the Tomorrow recordings; "Riding For a Fall" is a very good song, though.

My favourites are "You`re On Your Own", "Blow Up", "On a Saturday", "Shy Boy" and "Colonel Brown"

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