Arcade Fire

Everything Now - Sonovox 2017

Tracks: 1. Everything_Now / 2. Everything Now / 3. Signs of Life / 4. Creature Comfort / 5. Peter Pan / 6. Chemistry / 7. Infinite Content / 8. Infinite_Content / 9. Electric Blue / 10. Good God Damn / 11. Put Your Money On Me / 12. We Donít Deserve Love / 13. Everything Now (continued)


If you only know Arcade Fire from the early "Funeral" and "Neon Bible" albums, you may find it difficult to recognize the group, when you first encounter "Everything Now". You may find things on the previous "Reflector" that point to direction of what is found on "Everything Now", but I would still say that there is a fairly significant change in style.

Where the group previously was recognized as an original bidding on modern rock, it now appears more like a commercial pop orchestra beginning to run out of of new ideas.

There are, however, two really nice pop songs to be enjoyed. "Everything Now" is an incredibly catchy song, which unsurprisingly was Arcade Fire's first number-one hit on a Billboard chart. The song reminds me of another of my favorite groups, Flash and the Pan, which also counts the right way. Also Put Your Money on Me is very nice and catchy. Here the great vocals may bring your thoughts towards Abba at their best.

Unfortunately, outside these two songs, there are not many uplifting moments. The short "country" version of "Infinite_Content" is decent, but the rest is rather bleak and far from what I had hoped for from this group; unfortunately.

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