Steely Dan

Everything Must Go - Reprise 2003

Tracks: 1. The Last Mall / 2. Things I Miss The Most / 3. Blues Beach / 4. Godwhacker / 5. Slang Of Ages / 6. Green Book / 7. Pixeleen / 8. Lunch With Gina / 9. Everything Must Go


"Everything Must Go" is Steely Dan's second album since their re-union - and at this point their latest. I have noticed that it is often considered weaker than its predecessor, "Two Against Nature". I'm not sure I agree. Without quite reaching the heights of the 1970s there are on this album some fine and actually very catchy songs - and unlike "Two Against Nature" is none of the tracks become longwinded.

"The Things I Love the Most" is in all ways Steely Dan at their best - a song that would have slipped seamlessly into "Katy Lied".

"Blues Beach" - is with his little flute refrain a song that you soon may find yourself go whistling, and another evidence that the group is still capeable of writing sophisticated pop numbers, and lyrics with bite and wit.

"Slang of Ages" sung by Becker, also stands out positively - beautiful female voices. The opening number "Last Mall" is more funky - but with its dismal lyrics and the fine drive also a number you gladly return to.

The title-track is, although I usually do not care much for saxophone solos, probably my favorite. Beautiful melody with a catchy and doomsday-like refrain. The other tracks are solid, but more forgettable.

The lyrics are generally weird, dark and disillusioned which certainly does not make them less interesting.

I certainly hope that Becker and Fagen will return to the studios, they obviously have have a lot to offer.

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