Endless Wire - Republic 2006

Tracks: 1. Fragments / 2. Man in a Purple Dress / 3. Mike Post Theme/ 4. In the Ether / 5. Black Widow's Eyes / 6. Two Thousand Years / 7. God Speaks of Marty Robbins / 8. It's Not Enough / 9. You Stand by Me / 10. Sound Round / 11. Pick Up the Peace / 12. Unholy Trinity / 13. Trilby's Piano / 14. Endless Wire / 15. Fragments of Fragments / 16. We Got a Hit / 17. They Made My Dream Come True / 18. Mirror Door / 19. Tea & Theatre / 20. We Got a Hit (ext) / 21. Endless Wire (ext.)// 1. Mike Post Theme / 2. Won't Get Fooled Again / 3. Baba O Reily / 4. Behind Blue Eyes / 5. Who Are You


The Who's comeback studio album was really a great surprise. After af break of 24 years since their previous studio album "It's Hard" a complete new album has been released. Sadly original bass-player John Entwhistle did not live to be part of the recordings of the album, but he was part of the re-union of the Who as a live band in the late 1990's.

Musically and instrumentally Pete Townshend is still the driving force of the band and he played the majority of the instruments on the album. Members of the Who's touring band like John Bundrick and Zak Starkey along with various other musicians appear on the album too.

The voices of Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have become rougher over the years, but they still sound strong and convincing. Townshend obviously is still capeable of writing strong material in various styles and arrangements.

Like always some tracks stand out. The title track is a great and catchy song that could have been a hit, and it's also my favourite track on the album ( the extended version ). "Mike Post Theme" is another great song sounding a lot like classic Who of the 1970's. Like on most Who albums there are some strong half acoustic songs like "God Speaks of Marty Robbins", "You Stand By Me", "Unlikely Trinity" and "They Made My Dream Come True". A strong comeback studio album.

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