Emmerdale - Stockholm Records, 1994

Tracks: 1. Sick & Tired / 2. Black Letter Day / 3. In The Afternoon / 4. Over The Water / 5. After All... / 6. Cloudy Sky / 7. Our Space / 8. Rise & Shine / 9. Celia Inside / 10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / 11. Seems Hard / 12. Last Song


The was the debut 1994 album from the Cardigans. First impression may be that this is just a nice free and easy pop-album with no other ambition than to please the ear. But after a few listens you discover that this is an unusually talented band that cope with a great variety of styles. Over the last decade songwiter Peter Svennson has proved himself a very gifted tunesmith with hits several world-wide hits. On this album he has ( as always ) written the majority of the music, and there are many fine tunes among them. “Sick and Tired” and “Rise and Shine” are catchy up-beat pop-tunes; but more sophisticated songs like “Black Letter Day” and “Cloudy Sky” really show the band´s potentials.

Singer Nina Persson, who would later become the band´s lyricist, did not write any lyrics to this album, and her personal writing may be missed here, but her vocals are great as we know them.

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