Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes - ABC/Dunhill 1970

Tracks: 1. With My Face on the Floor / 2. Somebody Made for Me / 3. She's Such a Beauty / 4. Long Time No See / 5. Lullabye / 6. Fresh as a Daisy / 7. Live Till You Die / 8. Promises I've Made / 9. You Take the Dark Out of the Night / 10. You Should Be Ashamed / 11. Ever Find Yourself Running / 12. You Must Have


Emitt Rhodes' second album from late 1970 is undoubtedly his strongest. The album was released on ABC Records, and Rhodes had recently had a nice hit with the single "Fresh said Daisy." His former record company AM Records took the renewed interest in Rhodes to re-release his first album "The American Dream". This coincidence, with two simultaneous releases in Rhodes' name, meant some confusion among buyers of his music, and his new self-titled album did not sell as well as expected - and deserved.

Nevertheless it is still a milestone in American power-pop. Almost exclusively consisting of well-constructed pop songs in catchy arrangements. Hard to bring forward specific songs since most of them are really great. Still besides the catchy single "Fresh as a Daisy," "Live Till You Die," "Ever Find Yourself Running" or "You Should Be Ashamed" (along with a handful more) all have what a good popsong needs. The short "Lullabye" is another of my favorites.

Rhodes wrote all the songs, played all instruments and co-produced the album; so this is indeed is a solo album. Unfortunately pressure from the company, meant that Rhodes was not given the neccesary time to come up with an equally strong successor, and though his next album "Mirror" has its moments, it never comes close to matching this perfect power-pop album.

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