Battle of the Bands - White Whale 1968

Tracks: 1. Battle Of The Bands / 2. Last Thing I Remember / 3. Elenore / 4. Too Much Heartsick Feelin / 5. Oh, Daddy! / 6. Buzzsaw / 7. Surfer Dan / 8. I'm Chief Kamanawanalea / 9. You Showed Me / 10. Food / 11. Chicken Little Was Right / 12. Earth Anthem (All) / 13. Goodby Surprise / 14. She's My Girl / 15. Sound Asleep / 16. Umbassa And The Dragon / 17. Story Of Rock And Roll / 18. Can You Hear The Cows / 19. Elenore (Mono Single Mix) / 20. You Showed Me (Singl.)


I assume this album was originally meant as some kind of parody of the "Battle of the Bands" concept. Maybe an excuse for covering different styles that would not be logical to touch on an ordinary album-concept. The idea may be good enough on its own; the big problem here is that very few of these songs are good enough to stand alone, which make them pretty uninteresting here 35 years later.

Fortunately there are a few exceptions. I somehow always found "Chief Kamanawanalea" quite funny. And of course the McGuinn/Clark cover "You Showed Me" which has almost become a pop-classic. "Elenore" is a good pop song, nothing more. The same can be said about the bonus tracks "She`s My Girl", another hit-single from this period, and "Sound Asleep"

Except for the mono versions of "Elenore" and "You Showed Me" the rest of the bonus tracks are pretty poor. I would recommend a Tutles best of compilation instead of this tiresome original.

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