T Rex

Electric Warrior - Fly 1971

Tracks: 1. Mambo Sun / 2. Cosmic Dancer / 3. Jeepster / 4. Monolith / 5. Lean Woman Blues / 6. Get It On / 7. Planet Queen / 8. Girl / 9. Motivator / 10. Life's a Gas / 11. Rip Off / 12. There Was a Time [*] / 13. Raw Ramp [*] / 14. Planet Queen [Acoustic][*] / 15. Hot Love [*] / 16. Woodland Rock [*] / 17. King of the Mountain Cometh [*] / 18. T. Rex Electric Warrior


"Electric Warrior" was the first T Rex album as a 4-piece band. Originally Bolan called his duo Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the sound was mostly acoustic. With the 2 1970 singles "Ride a White Swan" and "Hot Love" Bolan and producer Tony Visconti had found a fatter sound, which proved be what was needed to give Bolan his big break-through.

"Electric Warrior" was recorded over a period when the band was touring in America and the songs were recorded in various different studios in both England and the States. Nevertheless there is a very consistent sound on this album, which with the follow-up , "The Slider", turned out to be his artistic and commercial highlights.

This is glam rock at its very best. The riff from "Get it On" has been copied by numerous bands since its release, and the song itself has become a classic. Even though the instrumentation and the song-structures are relatively simple, Tony Visconti's production, using various strings, gives Bolan's songs a full and big sound.

The opening track "Mambo Sun", though probably one of the weaker tracks, features some of the charcteristics of the great album - Bolan unique guitar and the great vocals of Flo and Eddie ( from the Turtles and Frank Zappa ). Another highlight is "Cosmic Dancer", which has been given quite a big production - great song.

The hit-single "Jeepster" is simply irressistibly catchy! "Monolith" is so full of atmosphere! The slow heavy blues "Lean Woman Blues" is probably my least favourite song on the album; good that it's followed by the great "Get in On". "Planet Queen" and "Girl" are like "Monolith a spacey ballads; both soulful and catchy. "The Motivator" is more or less a "Get it On" rip off; still a good track. "Life's a Gas" is a great slow rocker, The closing track "Rip Off"" is the wildest rocker on the album.

The bonus tracks are all "work in progress" takes of "Warrior" songs. Most of these probably only of interest to Marc Bolan freaks/fanatics; though I must admit I quite like the undubbed version of "Mambo Sun". Fine informative notes in booklet from producer Tony Visconti!

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