Jimi Hendrix Experience

Electric Ladyland - Track 1968

Tracks: 1. And The Gods Made Love / 2. Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) / 3. Crosstown Traffic / 4. Voodoo Chile / 5. Little Miss Strange / 6. Long Hot Summer Night / 7. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) / 8. Gypsy Eyes / 9. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp / 10. Rainy Day, Dream Away / 11. 1983 ... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) / 12. Moon, Turn The Tides ... Gently Gently Away / 13. Still Raining, Still Dreaming / 14. House Burning Down / 15. All Along The Watchtower / 16. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)


"Electric Ladyland", the last Jimi Hendrix Experience album, is usually regarded as the trio's definite masterpiece; and the record do contain some of the greatest and most influental music to come out of the late 1960's. I can't help feeling that Hendrix'use of harmony vocals must have influenced artists like T.Rex, David Bowie and Mott the Hoople. Hendrix' guitar-playing is innovative, and at the same time catchy and melodic. There are many highlights on the album; the best known track on the album is probably their terrific cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" - the ultimate version of that song, which also made it to the top 20 singles-charts. Songs like "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" and "Voodoo Chile" were also single-hits. The intro of "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" is simply great.

Released in 1968 as a double album, the record contains some tracks with extensive playing time. Some of these may appear somewhat too long-drawn-out. For me the long version of "Voodoo Chile" and "1983" are examples of this.

On the original vinyl version I never really got into "Side C"; so here on the CD version it's nice to be able to hear the tracks in new playing orders. I can recommend to try the shuffle/random feature. This made recognize the qualities of the more experimental tracks like "Rainy Day" and "1983".

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