Eisbrecher - CBS 1986

Tracks: 1: Engel Der Nacht / 2: Mondsong / 3: Frei Wie Der Wind / 4: Schon War Es Doch / 5: Tokyo / 6: Jetzt Bist Du Weg / 7: Sonnenaufgang / 8: Ring Frei / 9: Zusammen / 10: Eisbrecher


“Eisbrecher” from 1986 was the last album from the original Nena band. The band had not been able to follow-up on the big success of previous singles such as "Nur geträumt", "99 Luftballons" or "Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann" and they decided to split up after the release of “Eisbrecher”, which was not able provide the group with a new big hit, and which generally was pretty disappointing.

There are a few songs that are worth remembering; not least the beautiful ballad "Jetzt bist du weg" which Nena later re-recorded and included in her live repertoire. Two other ballads "Tokyo" and "Mondsong" are also quite good; "Mondsong" was chosen as the single but received only a modest position on the German charts.

The more rocking songs on the album are pretty ordinary and not particularly memorable, and you sense a certain burnout in the group. Three years later Nena did come strongly back with the great "Wunder Gescheh'n" album.

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