Earth Opera

Earth Opera- Elektra 1968

Tracks: 1. Red Sox Are Winning / 2. As It Is Before / 3. Dreamless / 4. To Care at All / 5. Home of the Brave / 6. Child Bride / 7. Close Your Eyes and Shut the Door / 8. Time and Again / 9. When You Were Full of Wonder / 10. Death by Fire


The band Earth Opera with singer songwriter Peter Rowan at the forefront released two remarkable albums in 1968-69. The music is somewhat difficult to frame as it contains elements from many genres. There is a very basic English feel of the album, partly because of Rowan’s special and slightly affected vocals. There are elements of both folk, psychedelia, music-hall, rock and more making it an exciting unpredictable experience. Few of the songs are immediately catchy, but after a few listens you discover that there is in fact many fine and complex compositions with interesting and thought-provoking lyrics.

For me, the best songs are "Dreamless", "To Care at All," "Close Your Eyes and Shut the Door" and "When You Were Full of Wonder".

The dramatic finale "Death by Fire" has, probably unconsciously, borrowed a bit from the old "Streets of Laredo" – nevertheless this is also a fine track.

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