Midnight Oil

Earth And Sun And Moon - Columbia 1993

Tracks: 1. Feeding Frenzy / 2. My Country / 3. Renaissance Man / 4. Earth And Sun And Moon / 5. Truganini / 6. Bushfire / 7. Drums Of heaven / 8. Outbreak Of Love / 9. In The Valley / 10. Tell Me The Truth / 11. Now Or Never Land


"Earth and Sun and Moon" from 1993 continues Midnight Oil's commercial success of their two previous albums, "Diesel and Dust" and "Blue Sky Mining". Though a new producer, Nick Launay, was called in to produce, it's another slightly slick produced album - which is in no way meant as a negative observation. All three albums are among my favourites and all contain great songs and great playing.

Midnight Oil succeeds in combining various musical styles like, rock, soul, funk or folk into their own easily recognizeable sound. Other strengths are their fine vocal harmonies and their unique sense of creating catchy choruses.

On this album all their virtues are there. The hit single "Truganini", the title-track and "My Country" are fine examples of Midnight Oil soul-rock with a catchy chorus. "Bushfire" is a quiet acoustic track and another favourite.

The outstanding track, though, is the exquisite "In the Valley" - great folkish melody - extremely catchy chorus - clever lyrics - in short one of the few songs that seem to have it all.

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