The Beatles

The Early Beatles - Capitol 1965

Tracks: 1. Love Me Do / 2. Twist and Shout / 3. Anna / 4. Chains / 5. Boys / 6. Ask Me Why / 7. Please Please Me / 8. PS I Love You / 9. Baby Itís You / 10. A Taste of Honey / 11. Do You Want to Know a Secret


"The Early Beatles" was an album released by Capitol Records in March 1965 in the US. All 11 songs originated from The Beartles 1963 debut album "Please, Please Me" from 1963. However, in comparison to this album, "I saw Her Standing There "," Misery "and" There's a Place " are missing.

The reason why this album was released so long after the songs were first released in Europe, was due to legal rights to release The Beatles in the U.S. The rights were originally given to the label Vee Jay, which in 1964 released an album called "Introducing the Beatles" which contained all these songs, minus "Ask Me Why". Capitol achieved these rights during 1964 and could therefore release this album, thus becoming the fifth or seventh Beatles US album, depending on whether you count in the "A Hard Day's Night" soundtrack and "The Beatles Story", which is not a really a music album.

All Capitol albums have been re-released in both their mono and stereo versions on one CD. Even on these early recordings, The Beatles sound amazing. Very tight sound and with a radiance and energy that seems timeless. George Martin, the fifth Beatle, has managed to transfer the energy which characterized the groupís live shows with these timeless recordings. Actually I find the mono and stereo versions equally satisfying

Five songs are Lennon / McCartney originals, but the six cover songs are presented with a conviction that, I believe in every case surpasses the originals.

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