Earth Opera

The Great American Eagle Tragedy - Elektra 1969

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Home To You / 2. Mad Lydias Waltz / 3. Alfie Finney / 4. Sanctuary From The Law / 5. All Winter Long / 6. The Great American Eagle Tragedy / 7. Roast Beef Love / 8. Its Love / 9. After You*


Originally I thought that "The Great American Eagle Tragedy" was clearly the best of the two albums Earth Opera managed to release in 1968-69. After having re-listened to both albums on the 2 on 1 CD re-release, I now probably am more inclined to think that the first album as a whole is the strongest of the two. Or at least state that the two album each have their strengths and weaknesses.

The debut album is perhaps the most exciting, but is lacking the ”great” songs. On "The Great American Eagle Tragedy" on the other hand you have the very beautiful "Home to You", and the equally fine "All Winter Long", which like Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" is characterized by a great and memorable saxophone theme. "Alfie Finney," written by Paul Dillon is a fine song which, however, seems a bit misplaced and perhaps helps to disturb the overall mood of the album. The long title track in its time worked as a relevant and meaningful commentary on America's war in Vietnam; today the seems a bit longwinded even though the core of the song is pretty strong.

The bonus track "After You" is a welcome and solid addition.

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