Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - CBS 1962

Tracks: 1. You're No Good / 2. Talkin' New York / 3. In My Time of Dyin' / 4. Man Of Constant Sorrow / 5. Fixin' To Die / 6. Pretty Peggy-O / 7. Highway 51 Blues / 8. Gospel Plow / 9. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down / 10. House Of the Risin' Sun / 11. Freight Train Blues / 12. Song To Woody / 13. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean


Dylan's first LP from 1962 suggest only in glimpses what was in store from him in future.

The album consists predominantly of contemporary blues- and folksongs along with traditionals arranged by Dylan. Only two songs were Dylan originals. "Talkin 'New York' is a sort of diary song, performed in the talking / singing style that he would use on more tracks on the next three albums. The tribute to Woody Guthrie, "Song to Woody" is a more melodic song, and for me one of the highlights on the album.

Interesting too, that two songs later would be recorded by the Animals and turned into hits. "House of the Rising Sun" became a classic, and also "Baby Let Me Take You Home" became a relatively big hit. Though not exactly the same song as "Baby Let Me Follow You Down," it's impossible not to see the similarities.

Also interesting that several songs deal with the theme of dying

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