Savage Rose

Dødens Triumf - Polydor 1973

Tracks: 1. City Awakes / 2. Young Lovers / 3. Dead of the Citizen / 4. Two Old / 5. Dressing of the Bride / 6. Wedding / 7. Death of the Soldiers / 8. Death City/Fashion ShopRobbery / 9. Dear Little Mother


Savage Rose's sixth album, is almost purely instrumental. The group undertook the task of making music for the ballet of "Dødens triumf" ( The Triumph of Death ) in 1971 with choreography by Flemming Flindt after a model of the Romanian-French writer Eugène Ionesco. It is particularly the keyboard instruments which have the picture often in very melodic lines.

Only one track you'll find the strong vocals of singer Annisette, which undoubtedly has annoyed many fans of the group. This happens on the final track "Dear Little Mother" which the group chose to rerecord for the project.

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