The Cure

Disintegration - Fiction - 1989

Tracks: 1. Plainsong / 2. Pictures of You / 3. Closedown / 4. Lovesong / 5. Last Dance / 6. Lullaby / 7. Fascination Street / 8. Prayers for Rain / 9. The Same Deep Water as You / 10. Disintegration / 11. Homesick / 12. Untitled


As the predecessor "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me", "Disintegration" is an album with extended playtime - both albums exceed 70 minutes. Moreover "Disintegration" is one of The Cure’s darkest albums, and it may be a little hard to get through if you're not in the right mood. However, it is also a very haunting album, where the longer songs, with their, in most cases, very nice musical themes time allow them to come under the skin of the listener. In fact, there are also a couple of more easily accessible numbers, such as the nice singles "Lullaby" and "Pictures of You" and especially "Lovesong" which is my personal favorite on the album. It is a very homogeneous album, where some songs may be hard to distinguish from one another.

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