Sixpence None The Richer

Divine Discontent - Word Records 2002 / Reprise

Tracks: 1. Breathe Your Name / 2. Tonight / 3. Down and Out of Time / 4. Don't Dream It's Over / 5. Waiting on the Sun / 6. Still Burning / 7. Melody of You / 8. Paralyzed / 9. I've Been Waiting / 10. Eyes Wide Open / 11. Dizzy / 12. Tension Is a Passing Note / 13. Million Parachutes


Six Pence None the Richer's final album ( fortunately they reunited in 2008 ) "Divine Discontent" was delayed a couple of years due to problems with their label before it was final released in 2002. It was the follow-up to their self-titled and much-acclaimed third album featuring the big hits "Kiss Me" and "There She Goes Again".

Though this album may be slightly more commercial and mainstream, the recipe is more or less the same; well-crafted songs, brilliant arrangements and production, and not least the moving vocals of Leigh Nash. This album gave the band two more hits with "Don't Dream It's Over" written by Neil Finn and guitarist and songwriter Matt Slocum's own "Breathe Your Name".

Though the album does have any weak tracks other songs that deserve being brought forward are the beautiful rock ballad "I've Been Waiting" and the complex "Eyes Wide Open" - Paul McCartney or Emitt Rhodes inspiration?

The charming acoustic "Melody of You" also has a great deal of Paul McCartney feel to it. The final track "Million Parachutes" is another rock ballad that leaves you back regretting that this great band decided to disband so soon - it seems they had much more to offer!

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