Uriah Heep

Demons And Wizards - Bronze 1972

Tracks: 1. Wizard / 2. Traveller In Time / 3. Easy Livin / 4. Poet's Justice / 5. Circle Of Hands / 6. Rainbow Demon / 7. All My Life / 8. Paradise / 9. Spell / 10. Why (Extended) / 11. Home Again To You (*) / 12. Green Eye (*) (Bonus Track) / 13. Rainbow Demon (*) / 14. Untitled Demo (*)


"Demons and Wizzards" is usually regarded as one of the finest moments in Uriah Heep history; and with good reason that is. The album features some of Ken Hensley's finest compositions, great inspired vocals from David Byron and the band is playing very tight. On many tracks the acoustic guitar has a prominent role, a fact that help give these songs a more timeless value. The title-track is the finest example of this; simply one the greatest Uriah Heep recordings ever. Like "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin a classic in early heavy rock; powerful and melodic.

It hard to bring out any other particular track from the album, as all they are so good that they deserve a mention. "Easy Livin'" ,which is probably the first song most people come to think of when hearing the Uriah Heep name, is a high energy rocker and a sure live-favourite; great as ever.

Another song that must be brought out is "Circle of Hands". This track contains all virtues of Uriah Heep virtues - a catchy melodic melody, a perfect arrangement, powerful vocals, great guitars and overall tight playing. A highlight for Ken Hensley as a songwriter; Hensley, by the way, had a part in writing all songs exept "Traveller in Time".

Five bonus-tracks are added to the original nine, and they are all fine tracks in their own rights; but obviously the perfection of the original album makes it hard for these additions to really shine. The booklet with the CD-reissue is carefully worked through, featuring great background information, interesting notes about the recording sessions, detailed credits and lyrics. A Uriah Heep classic given a deserved first class treatment!

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