Mamas & Papas

Deliver - Dunhill 1967

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Dedicated to the One I Love / 2. My Girl / 3. Creeque Alley / 4. Sing For Your Supper / 5. Twist and Shout / 6. Free Advice / 7. Look Through My Window / 8. Boys & Girls Together / 9. String Man / 10 . Frustration / 11. Did You Ever Want to Cry? / 12. John's Music Box


This was the third Mamas & Papas' 3rd album.. Apart from their first album "If You Can Believe Your Ears" the Mamas and Papas' albums were all somewhat uneven. They all contained one or more of their great singles; mostly written by band leader John Philips. But the group also covered old pop-classics like "Spanish Harlem", "Dancing in the Street" or "My Girl". This of course made it harder to keep the albums consistent.

Some of their covers were quite succesful, though. On "Deliver" their terrific cover of the old Shirelles hit "Dedicated to the One I Love" was included. The Mamas & Papas turned it into a completely different song, and one of their very best recordings and biggest hits. They also gave a fine version of "My Girl" , but it may appear a little too "poppy" and mainstream for a group that had the ability to write first-class material themselves.

The autobiographical "Crequee Alley" is a charming and catchy tune which also made the top ten as a single.

Their cover of "Sing for Your Supper", sung by Mama Cass; seems completely out of place to my ears. Too much "family-pop", and though I don't care much for their version of "Twist and Shout" either, at least they give the song a completely different and original treatment.

Their original album tracks are mostly very good. Especially "Look Through My Window" which strangely enough only made it to # 25 in the charts. "Did You Ever Want to Cry" was perfect for Mama Cass'; a little like her classic "Dream a Little Dream of Me" from their 4th album. "Free Advice" and "String Man" are also good album tracks.

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