Deep Water - RCA 1969

Tracks: 1. Deep Water / 2. Can't Find Me / 3. Thunder And Lightning / 4. Lady Goodiva / 5. The Right Direction / 6. LA And Back Again / 7. Come Down To The Station / 8. A Dizzy Day / 9. Blues In Your Head / 10. Time To Leave / 11. Sha-Sha / 12. Universal Party


"Deep Water" was Grapefruit's second album, originally released in 1969. If you like their first "Around Grapefruit" you may not necessarily like this one too. In fact, I was a bit disappointed with it in the beginning. I had expected more of the catchy psychedelic sounds which characterized their first album. This album has not got much of this.

The addition of a new lead singer and a musical change towards a more soul-rock styled has made this something quite different. The main song writer is still George Alexander, elder brother of George Young of the Easybeats, and he writer first-rate material also for this album, it's just a new style. Actually many of these song sound a little like the Easybeats` later records like "St. Louis". This album has now changed to be my favourite Grapefruit album

The title track and opener "Deep Water" is a one of these Easybeats/Boxtops sound-alikes - great catchy tune. "Can't Find Me" is another strong George Alexander effort - a country styled ballad.

After couple of decent soul-rockers, style changes with the acoustic country track "The Right Direction" - another favourite a mine. New member, guitarist and singer, Bobby Ware contributes 3 songs, 2 of them pretty good -"L.A. and Back Again" and "Blues in Your Head".

The closing track on the original album is for me the stand-out track. A beautiful melancholy ballad. George Alexander disbanded the band shortly after the release of the album.

The 2 bonus tracks come from a single recorded by a a short-lived reconstruction of Grapefruit - featuring George Young and Harry Vanda. Both songs are good, but maybe not particularly memorable

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