Suzanne Vega

Days of Open Hand - AM Records 1989

Tracks: 1. Tired Of Sleeping / 2. Men In A War / 3. Rusted Pipe / 4. Book Of Dreams / 5. Institution Green / 6. Those Whole Girls / 7. Room Off The Street / 8. Big Space / 9. Predictions / 10. Fifty-fifty Chance / 11. Pilgrimage


I have always considered this album Suzanne Vega's least interesting - containing only 2 and a half really good songs. "Tired of Waiting" is among her very best, and though some may find the single "Book of Dreams" a little too commercial it's another favourite of mine. Though not quite up to the same standards of these two songs, there is a great rhythm in the melodically relatively simple song "Men in War".

Having read other reviews of the album here on Amazon, I realize that other reviewers consider the album among her finest. This obviously made feel like giving the album a new re-listen. Though this may not have changed my overall opinion of the album, I do agree that a song like "Rusted Pipe" is actually very good.

A nice quiet album with the strongest material coming during the first half of it.

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