Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich & Tich - Fontana 1966

Tracks:1. DDD-BMT / 2. We've Got a Good Thing Goin' / 3. Here's a Heart / 4. Something I Gotta Tell You / 5. All I Want to Do / 6. Frustration / 7. Hold Tight / 8. Hard to Love You / 9. Nose for Trouble / 10. No More Love / 11. After Tonight / 12. No Time / 13. Double Agent / 14. Is It Love [*] / 15. All I Want [Single][*] / 16. It Seems a Pity [*] / 17. You Make It Move [Single)[*] / 18. I Can't Stop [*] / 19. You Know What I Want [*] / 20. Hideaway [Single][*] / 21. Bend It [Single][*] / 22. She's So Good [Single][*] / 23. Loos of England [EP Vers.][*] / 24. Over and Over Again [*] / 25. Bend It [US Version][*]


The first album from Dave Dee Dozy etc. was originally released on Fontana Records in 1966. It contains some great examples of British 1960's pop; most of it written by the young songwriter team Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley.

The recorded a long string of hit-singles during 1965-69, and obviously many of these are highlights on their albums. Their debut album is probably their most consistent, with many fine album tracks as well. Right from the opening intro track "DDD-BMT" you feel their energy and eager to play. On songs like "Nose For Trouble" the show a great sense of humour, a side of the band which grew more or less into a trade-mark.

Among the other album tracks the fine ballads "Here's a Heart" and "Something I Gotta Tell You" would have fitted Liverpool acts like Gerry and the Pacemakers nicely.

More hard-rocking tracks like "Frustration" and "Double Agent" add to the album's variety. The distorted guitar in the beginning of the hit-single "Hold Tight" makes the track almost like some Spencer Davis Group would have done. Great pop-tune!

Among the 12 bonus-tracks there are outstanding hit-singles such as "Hideaway", "All I Want", "You Make it Move" and "Bend It". The band themselves wrote a few of the songs here, and the B-side "It Is Love" is my favourite among these.

This is one the overlooked bands of the sixties, and if you want only one of their original albums, this one certainly would be good choice.

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