Da Capo - Elektra 1967

Tracks:1. Stephanie Knows Who / 2. Orange Skies / 3. Que Vida! / 4. Seven & Seven Is / 5. The Castle / 6. She Comes in Colors / 7. Revelation / 8. Seven and Seven is (*)


If it hadn't been for the lenghty ( 19 minutes ) "Revelation", I'm sure Love's second album "Da Capo" would have been considered a masterpiece on the same level as their follow-up "Forever Changes". Now it's "only" a very solid 4 star rock-classic, where all tracks, exept "Revelation", are Love at their best.

The opener " Stephanie Knows Who" and "Seven & Seven is" are rockers in the same vein as "My Little Red Book" from their debut album; both strong tracks. Bryan MacLean contributes only one song; the beautiful ballad "Orange Skies", which interestingly is sung by Arthur Lee.

Lee's own latin inspired ballad "Que Vida!" is another of Love's timeless classics. "The Castle" shows the experimental side of the band; still in a melodic context. This song would have fitted nicely into "Forever Changes"

"She Comes in Colours" is another Love classic. Rumor says that the song was inspiration for Rolling Stones to do "She's a Rainbow"

Though "Revelation" has some interesting moments, the song goes on for way too long, and it soon becomes a drag. I think even if it was reduced to a regular 4-5 minutes song, it would still by far be the weakest track on the album. Today it seems a shame that the band did not fill out side two of the album with stronger material, but at the time it was quite "hip" to make such experiments.

The bonus track is reharsals / takes of "Seven and Seven is" is interesting with studio-talk etc.

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