The Cure

The Cure - Geffen 2004

Tracks: 1. Lost / 2. Labyrinth / 3. Before Three / 4. Truth, Goodness and Beauty / 5. The End of the World / 6. Anniversary / 7. Us or Them / 8 Fake / 9. alt. end / 10. (I Don't Know What's Going) On" / 11. Taking Off / 12. Never / 13. The Promise / 14. Going Nowhere / 15. This Morning


Cure's 2004 album "The Cure" is unlikely to be among the favorites of the majority of the group's fans. Most of the songs are pretty monotonous, marked by either sinister or sometimes slightly desperate lyrics.

For me only a few songs stand out from the overall uninspired atmosphere. "The End of the World" is an excellent upbeat track and one of the most catchy songs on the album. Also the final ballad "Going Nowhere" is worth noting - otherwise this is probably an album for hard-core fans of the Cure.

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