Pretty Things

Cross Talk - Warner Brothers 1980

Tracks: 1. I'm Calling / 2. Edge of the Night / 3. Sea of Blue / 4. Lost That Girl / 5. Bitter End / 6. Office Love / 7. Falling Again / 8. It's So Hard / 9. She Don't / 10. No Future / 11. Wish Fulfillment [#] / 12. Sea About Me [#] / 13. Young Pretenders [#]


Cross Talk" was the Pretty Things' second Warner Brothers album.

The opener "I`m Calling" is a solid new-wave type rocker, showing that Pretty Things were trying ( and able ) to keep up with the musicals trends of the late seventies/early eighties.

The album continues in the same vein with solid rockers, none of them particularly memorable until the melodic "Falling Again" with its driving Peggy Sue rhythm. The stand-out track is the half acoustic "She Don't", a fine song that would have suited the voice of Brett Anderson of Suede - fine lead-guitar break on that one too.

All three bonus-tracks are great, in fact much better than some of the original tracks. Especially "Sea About Me"

Conclusion: A good solid album; among the most hard-rocking Pretty Things albums. My favourite tracks are "She Don`t", "Falling Again", "I`m Calling", "The Young Pretenders" and "Sea About Me"

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