Ten Years After

Cricklewood Green - Deram 1970

Tracks: 1. Sugar the Road / 2. Working on the Road / 3. 50, 000 Miles Beneath My Brain / 4. Year 3, 000 Blues / 5. Me and My Baby / 6. Love Like a Man / 7. Circles / 8. As the Sun Still Burns Away / 9. Warm Sun [#] / 10. To No One [#]


Ten Years After with front-man Alvin Lee made a good handful of solid blues/rock albums in the late sixties and early seventies. Alvin Lee is a terrific guitarist, and he had the reputation of being the fastest in the world at the time, when Ten Years After was at the height of their populairiy.

Lee wrote almost all of their music, and he had a skill of writing catchy blues-based guitar riffs. One of their best known songs of that type "Love Like a Man" is the key track on this 1970 album. Though his songwriting is somewhat uneven, probably because of pressure to constantly to come up with material for new albums and singles, their best songs still sound great today.

On Cricklewood Green the highlights, besides "Love Like a Man", are "Working on the Road", "50.000 Miles Beneath my Brain", "As the Sun Still Burns Away" and the great acoustic ballad "Circles". The two out-take bonus-tracks are okay; best is "Warm Sun".

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