Court Yard Hounds

Court Yard Hounds - Sony 2010

Tracks: 1. Skyline / 2. The Coast / 3. Delight / 4. See You In The Spring / 5. Ain't No Son / 6. Fairytale / 7. I Miss You / 8. Gracefully / 9. April's Love / Then Again / 11. It Didn't Make A Sound / 12. Fear Of Wasted Time


The two sisters Emily and Martie has used the break, Dixie Chicks apparently have chosen to observe, to record and release an album as "Court Yard Hounds". The songs are generally good, but only in some cases really great. The edge that despite everything characterize Dixie Chicks, is somewhat missing and the album appears a little too neat.

Emily Robinson has written most songs, several together with Martin Strayer, and one song with sister Martie. Emily sings even lead-vocals on the songs, and it is amazing how much her voice and phrasing recalls Sheryl Crow. Some of the songs actually sound like Sheryl Crow songs, which is not so bad. Lyrically the songs seem very personal and honest.

As mentioned, the songs are generally good, and of course, some of them stand out from the rest. "The Coast" is an up-beat country pop song; commercial in the good way and a spreader of good humor.

"See You in Spring" is a nice ballad, performed as a duet between Jakob Dylan, and Emily Also the two quiet acoustic ballads "Fairytale" and "Fear of Wasted Time" stand out. My personal favorite, though, is Martie Maguire's "Gracefully", Which I find in the same league as "You Were Mine" from the "Wide Open Spaces" album. A very moving song.

No matter what, it's a great to have this album while waiting for Natalie Maines to join the sisters again.

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