Unit 4 + 2

Concrete and Clay (Unit 4 + 2) - London PS 427 - 1965

Tracks: 1. Concrete And Clay / 2. Sorrow And Pain / 3. Couldn't Keep It To Myself / 4. You'll Remember / 5. Cotton Fields / 6. 500 Miles / 7. La Bamba / 8. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin / 9. Swing Down Chariot / 10. Wild Is The Wind / 11. Girl From New York City / 12. Cross A Million Mountains


Members of the Roulettes played a big part in this band. The Roulettes was one the greatest English 1960`s bands that never really made it, so obviously the records of Unit 4+2 is of some interest, too.

When I first heard their music I was pretty disappointed. Maybe it`s unfair to compare this act with the Roulettes, because their styles are so different. I would rather compare Unit 4 + 2 with the Seekers or the softer side of the Searchers.

Their big hit "Concrete and Clay" is a good and catchy 1960`s pop song, but the majority of these songs sound dated and without profile. Even the rocking songs sound like their were played for Granny on her 75th birthday. Who needs yet another version of "Cottonfields" or "La Bamba"? Their version of Bob Dylan`s "You Ain`t Going Nowhere" is pretty good, though.

A lot of obscure British 1960`s bands made some terrific records, but apart from the song "Concrete and Clay" I don`t think Unit 4+2 has much to offer.

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