Coming Up - Nude 1996

Tracks:1. Trash / 2. Filmstar / 3. Lazy / 4. By the Sea / 5. She / 6. Beautiful Ones / 7. Starcrazy / 8. Picnic by the Motorway / 9. The Chemistry [Demo] / 13. Dead Leg [Demo] / 14. Filmstar [Demo] / 15. Pisspot [Demo] / 16. Ballad Idea [Demo] / 17. Tiswas [Demo] / 18. Asda Town* / 19. Together* / 20. Bentswood Boys* // 1. Europe Is Our Playground* / 2. Have You Ever Been This Low?* / 3. Another No One* / 4. Every Monday Morning Comes* / 5. Sound of the Streets* / 6. Young Men*/ 7. Sam* / 8. Money* / 9. This Time* / 10. Wsd* / 11. Jumble Sale Mums* / 12. These Are the Sad Songs* / 13. Feel* / 14. Sadie* / 15. Graffiti Women* / 16. Duchess* / 17. Motown*


This deluxe version of Suede's best-selling album, "Coming Up" has no less than 28 bonus tracks. Besides singles b-sides, demos and alternate versions, it has DVD videos and footage from two concert performances. Suede were always very large to put non-album tracks on their single releases so 19 of the bonus-tracks come from the singles "The Wild Ones" New Generation "," Trash "," Beautiful Ones "," Saturday Night "," Lazy "and "Filmstar". The first two are actually "Dog Star Man" singles, but the recordings do not feature original guitarist Bernard Butler. "Trash" was suedes biggest hit but also the subsequent "Coming Up" singles ( "Beautiful Ones", "Saturday Night", "Lazy" and "Filmstar" ) reached the top-ten rankings.

"Coming Up" is on the whole an unusually homogenous album where most songs have classic potential. Among the album-tracks Brett Anderson's beautiful ballad "By the Sea" should be highlighted. "Picnic by the Motorway" and "The Chemistry Between Us" are also fine ballads, while "She" and and "Star Crazy" really could have been released as singles.

The many b-sides are mostly solid enough, but few hardly really essential. As the best and most interesting I would highlight "Europe is Our Playground", "Every Monday Morning Comes" and "Sound of the Streets". The demo version of "She" is interesting - slower and more heavy.

On the DVD Suede's version of Elvis Costello's "Shipbuilding" is a scoop. Great release and a great buy.

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