The Seekers

Come the Day - Columbia 1966

Tracks: 1. Street Life / 2. Just Like You / 3. Amazona / 4. Psalm / 5. Serenade / 6. Song for Europe / 7. Mother of Pearl / 8. Sunset


”Come the Day” from 1966 was the Seekers’ first album to contain only contemporary songs; no traditional folk or country songs this time.

Only one official single was taken from the album, the ”Georgy Girl” which was actually the title song to a movie featuring Lynn Redgrave. The song written by producer Tom Springfield and Jim Dale became one of the group’s biggest world-wide hits.

The album has a handful of coverversions of contemporary hits such as ”Yesterday” (Beatles), ”All Over the World” (Francoise Hardy), ”California Dreamin’” (The Mamas & the Papas), ”Turn, Turn, Turn” (The Byrds), ”The Last Thing on my Mind”, (Tom Paxton – not really a hit) and ”Red Rubber Ball” (The Cyrkle). The last one was written by Seekers member Bruce Woodley in collaboration with Paul Simon. Most of these covers are pretty unncessary/uinteresting – Except, of course, "Red Rubber Ball" which the group with good right good can call their own

The highlights of the album is precisely the group's original songs; both those written by guitarist Bruce Woodley ( ”Come the Day”, ”I Wish You Could Be Here” and ”Red Rubber Ball” ) and the two from producer Tom Springfield (”Islands of Dreams” and ”Georgy Girl” ) Logically Woodley contributed even more to the following album ”Seekers Seen in Green”

For the album the group recorded Bob Gibsons ”Well, Well, Well” in a fine and much better version than the one they included on their 1964 album ”Hide and Seekers”.

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