Indigo Girls

Come On Social - Epic 1999

Tracks: 1. Go / 2. Soon To Be Nothing / 3. Gone Again / 4. Trouble / 5. Sister / 6. Peace Tonight / 7. Ozilline / 8. We Are Together / 9. Cold Beer And Remote Control / 10. Compromise / 11. Andy / 12. Fay Tucker / 13. Philosophy of Loss


This is probably my favourite Indigo Girls album ( along with Rites of Passage ); not because it`s among their most hardrocking, but because of the playing and the great songs. Lots of energy and emotion. Great backing from drummers john Reynolds and Jerry Marotta and bassist Clare Kenny. Emily Saliers demonstrates what a great gutarist she is - both the electric and the acoustic. A lot of prominent guest appearances too: Rick Danko and Garth Hudson of the Band, Sheryl Crow and Joan Osborne join in on vocals.

Amy's rocking "Go" sets the scene right from the start. With Emily's ballad "Soon Be to Nothing" the mood calms down for a while. The catchy country tune "Gone Again" comes next. One of Amy`s best songs on the album.

With Emily's "Trouble" things begin to rock a again. Great vocals. The serious "Sister" is a classical Amy Ray type song. "Peace Tonight" is a highlight. Catchy and optimistic. "Ozilline" written about/to Amy grandmother is a traditional type tune. Ozillene actually introduces herself in the beginning of the track.

The next two songs are written by Emily; "Cold Beer and Remote Control" is by far the better. Catchy melody and funny sarcastic lyrics. Could have been a hit record. Sheryl Crow joins in here! "Compromise" is probably my least favourite - hardrocking punkrock-type of tune. "Andy" is another fine Emily ballad.bLast track is Amy's indignant comment the the execution of Faye Tucker; a very moving number.

Why Emily's beautiful "Philosophy of Loss" was only included as a hidden track is really a mystery to me. Along with "Cold Beer and Remote Control", "Peace Tonight" and "Gone Again" this is an outstanding song.

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