Los Lobos

Colossal Head - Warner/Slash 1996

Tracks: 1. Revolution / 2. Mas y Mas / 3. Maricela / 4. Everybody Loves a Train / 5. Can't Stop the Rain / 6. Life Is Good / 7. Little Japan / 8. Manny's Bones / 9. Colossal Head / 10. This Bird's Gonna Fly / 11. Buddy Ebsen Loves the Night Time


I could hardly believe my ears when In first listened to this album. I know I may have had too high expectations to this follow-up album to their masterpiece "Kiko". I gave it many chances, hoping to discover great moments that I might have overheard the first times; but somehow they never seemed to appear.

As usual the playing is impeccable, but the great problem with this album in general is the lack of good songs. The first track "Revolution" is not a bad track, but not up to Los Lobos' normal high standards; but still one of the best efforts on this album.

Next track to really capture my attension is "Manny's Bones"; among the previous 6 tracks there have been some solid blues-based efforts; but none of them particularly memorable. The same can be said about tha last three tracks. If I were to compile a Los Lobos compilation, I think I would only consider the 2 before mentioned tracks. On second thoughts, I guess I would include "Revolution".

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