A Camp

Colonia - Reveal 2009

Tracks: 1. The Crowning / 2. Stronger Than Jesus / 3. Bear on the Beach / 4. Love Has Left the Room / 5. Golden Teeth and Silver Medals / 6. Here Are Many Wild Animals / 7. Chinatown / 8. My America / 9. Eau De Colonia / 10. I Signed the Line / 11. It's Not Easy To Be Human / 12. The Weed Had Got There First


A Camp are allegedly inspired by girl-pop of the 60s and 80's punk, as well as David Bowie. A Phil Spector influence is quite apparent on the single "Love Has the Left the Room", which is one of the strongest and catchiest songs on the album. The first single "Stronger Than Jesus", a song where Persson sounds a lot like another great female vocalist, Sheryl Crow, is another highlight on the album.

Though several songs are really quite catchy, don't expect an easy-listening album. Musically there is a great variety, ranging from pop, through country and rock till avant garde. Though different there is a distinct melodic approach to all songs.

The lyrics could also give rise to thought. Several songs are not easily interpreted. Not least the allegorical opening song "The Crowning" - An exciting waltzy track, which is also one of the album's strongest tracks.

Compared to the first Camp album, I find this new album slightly stronger, though I really liked the first a lot. Compared to the Cardigans albums "Long Gone Before Daylight" is still a clear favourite.

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