Dave Clark Five

Coast to Coast ( US ) - Epic BN 26128 - 1965

Tracks: 1. Anyway You Want It / 2. Give Me Love / 3. I Can't Stand It / 4. I'm Left Without You / 5. Everybody Knows / 6. Crying Over You / 7. Say You Want Me / 8. When / 9. Don't You Know / 10. To Me / 11. It's Not True / 12. I Knew It All The Time* / 13. Concentration Baby* / 14. Man In A Pin-Striped Suit* / 15. Children* / 16. Always Me* / 17. Southern Man*


Slightly weaker than their previous album which was included on the same CD, on which I bought this album. Best songs are "Crying Over You", "When", "To Me" and the bonus-track "Man in a Pin-Striped Suit"

The sound on the aforementioned CD is okay, which actually surprised me having seen the one sheet folded "booklet" with no information and just blank pages in the middle. It actually looked like a bootleg; but I must assume the Hungarian label has rightfully achieved the legal rights to release this CD, since it was bought from one of the biggest world-wide record dealers.

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